Staying Fit for Frequent Flyers

Staying Fit as a Flight Attendant

A large part of being a flight attendant is figuring out how to eat healthy and stay in shape. These pressures often cripple many flight attendants careers because they are unable to find a way to maintain these priorities. Some flight attendants choose alternative methods to maintaining a healthy body image by getting liposuction done. Although these procedures have been proven to drastically help, it is important to really do your research before committing to a clinic. A less invasive alternative to liposuction that my colleagues have been doing is a non surgical liposuction procedure that does not require surgery. Regardless, if you are going to choose one of these options, make sure you do your research before committing to any clinics.

A group of flight attendants training and staying in shape

Cabin Crew Training

In this article, I’m going to explore a dietary approach to maintaining a healthy lifestyle as a flight attendant that is applicable for frequent flyers:

  • Drink water – this may sound simple, but many people don’t realize how much staying hydrated can help the body. Just to name a few of the benefits:
    • Increase energy and decrease tiredness
    • Improves immune system
    • Helps with digestion
    • Prevents dry skin
    • Helps with weight loss
    • Eliminates headaches
    • Prevents cramps and sprains

Make sure you drink at least 5 cups of water a day to keep your body hydrated. Ideally, you would want to consume at least 8; but let’s be real, no one has the time to drink 8 cups of water especially when you’re busy flying in the air. The best of all, water is free (in certain parts of the world) and statistics show that you can save up to $40 a week from drinking water only!

  • Eating Fruits – we all know how hard it is to pack fruits onto a plane as they are often banned from most airlines. An alternative to packing fresh fruit, is consuming canned or dried fruits. Even though the nutritional value is not as great as eating the fruits fresh, there are still sufficient nutrients in dried or canned fruits to help you obtain your daily source of vitamins.
  • Eating vegetables – just like fruits, it is extremely important to get your source of daily vegetables into your diet. A healthy dose of vegetables can help boost your immune system and provide you with the fibre to go regularly. Most airplane meals come with set a side of vegetables; so making sure the airline can stock your plane with some extra vegetables can help with getting your daily amount.
  • Snack on healthy snacks – healthy nuts and snacks can really help curb your hunger and prevent you from over eating. Make sure you choose wisely with your snacks and that they do not have too much sugar or sodium as those can have counter effects on you too. Snacking on nuts and trail mix are good options to help keep you full but also giving you your necessary nutrients.

Being in the air often really limits your ability to dine and eat like regular people. By following these tips for when you’re in the air, it will be sure to give you that extra boost of energy to help last your trip. If you have any questions about any of the items discussed here, please feel free to contact us!

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